Nothing is Ever Achieved Without Passion.

Nothing is Ever Achieved Without Passion.

Founded in 1922, Trudell Medical International has spent nearly a century learning, refining and offering innovative products that make our customers lives better.

Over the last few decades in particular, our work to meet the previously unmet needs of our patients and caregivers has found Trudell Medical International receiving both acclaim and trust.


Groundbreaking Innovation at a Glance

1983: The first-ever compact valved holding chamber was created. Since its launch, the AeroChamber* brand of Chamber has continually been updated and improved upon.

1994: The first valved holding chamber designed specifically for children was created.

1999: The first breath-actuated pneumatic nebulizer was launched.

2006: The first valved holding chamber with an Inhalation Indicator was developed.

2010: The Anti-Static AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu*  Valved Holding Chamber was created.

2014: The Aerobika* Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) Therapy System earns Gold at the Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA).

2020: The AeroChamber2go* chamber was developed to deliver inhaler medication on the go. 


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Trudell Medical History Timeline

1922: George Stewart Trudell establishes G. S. Trudell Co., Importers in London, Ontario to import religious articles and medical supplies.

1925: G. S. Trudell & Co., Importers moves to 83 Dundas Street, London, ON.

1948: By 1948, G. S. Trudell & Co., Importers employed 5 people including George Otto Trudell.

1967: Mitchell A. Baran purchased the company after George Otto Trudell passed away. The company was renamed George S. Trudell Company Limited.

1974: George S. Trudell Company Limited builds and moves to 269 Colborne Street, London, ON. George T. Baran started working as a summer student in the warehouse.

1978: Northgate Research, who develops and manufactures electrohydraulic lithotripters in New York State, USA is acquired.

1980: Monaghan Medical is acquired in Plattsburgh, USA.

1981: Canadian Monaghan and Professional Respiratory Home Care Services Corp. are established in London, ON.

1983: The AeroChamber™ product line of valved holding chambers is developed and brought to market.

1984: George S. Trudell Company Limited moves to 926 Leathorne Street, London, ON.

1992: Canadian Monaghan moves to 220 Adelaide Street, London, ON.

1996: Canadian Monaghan name is changed to Trudell Medical International.

1998: Canadian Monaghan/ Trudell Medical International develops the AeroEclipse™ breath-actuated nebulizer.

2001: Trudell Medical UK Limited™ established in Nottingham, UK.

2003: Trudell Medical Marketing Limited (formerly George S. Trudell Company Limited) builds and moves to 758 Third Street in London, ON.

2010: The AeroChamber™ Plus Flow-Vu™ product line of anti-static valved holding chambers is developed.

2012: Mitchell A. Baran is appointed Member of the Order of Canada and recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

2014: Monaghan/Trudell Medical International’s Aerobika OPEP device wins Gold at Medical Design Excellence Awards in New York City, USA.

2015: George T. Baran takes over as Executive Chairman of Trudell Medical Group after the passing of the late Mitchell A. Baran in August, 2015.

2019: In honour of the late Mitchell A. Baran, Third Street, where two of the Trudell Companies are located, is renamed Baransway Drive.

2020: Trudell Medical Marketing Limited name changes to Trudell Healthcare Solutions Inc. Trudell Medical Group acquires Aetonix. World Health Organization announces the COVID-19 global pandemic. The AeroChamber2go™ chamber was developed to deliver inhaler medication on the go. 

2022: 100 years of Trudell Medical Group of Companies.


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