Aerobika* Device

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Aerobika* OPEP device do?
As you exhale through the device, you will feel very quick vibrations which are pulses of resistance. These pulses of resistance hold your airways open while thinning and loosening mucus – helping move it to the larger airways of your lungs, where it can be coughed out.




What are the benefits of using the Aerobika* OPEP device?

  • Easier to clear excess mucus
  • Decreased cough frequency
  • Reduced feeling of breathlessness
  • Improved ability to perform daily activities
  • Better quality of life


What causes excess mucus in the lungs?
To simplify a very complex question, there are a number of changes happening within the lung that contributes to the production and trapping of excess mucus. Recurring lung infections (like pneumonia or bronchitis), decrease the elasticity in the lungs so they are unable to remain open when you breathe in, and don’t return to ‘normal’ size after you have breathed out. When this happens they become blocked with mucus and breathing becomes more difficult. The excess mucus may also trap air in the smallest pathways of the lungs. This trapped air makes it much harder to breathe during even simple daily activities, and may even prompt a visit to the doctor or the Emergency Room


Why can’t my lungs get rid of this excess mucus?
Essentially, your lungs just can’t keep up with the amount of mucus being produced. The lungs are used to moving mucus to the upper airways, which triggers you to cough it out. Excess mucus is produced in response to a lung infection, irritants, or health condition. Over time, the mucus builds up and compacts into a thick, sticky substance that the cilia in your lungs need extra help in loosening and removing.

The Aerobika* OPEP device works with your lungs natural response, and helps to thin and move the mucus up where it can be coughed out.



Helpful Tips for Using the Aerobika* Device

Use Active Exhalation
Active exhalation can best be described as the type of effort required to start blowing up a balloon - but is not as forceful as blowing out candles. Keep your cheeks flat as you exhale.


Try a 'Huff Cough'
A 'huff cough' will help move mucus up and out of your lungs. Just like when you use your breath to create fog on a mirror, you would take a short, shallow breath and exhale forcefully with your mouth in an 'O' shape. Contact your healthcare professional if you need help with the proper technique.


Aerobika* Device

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