Complimentary Webinar Series

See below for a list of our upcoming and past webinars.

Please note: Complimentary webinars are intended for Healthcare Professionals only.

Our Trudell Medical International webinar series is guided by various healthcare industry professionals who share their expertise about respiratory diseases and how to best manage these conditions. Trudell Medical International is committed to improving health and enabling better breathing across the globe.

Our goal for this webinar series is to promote awareness and education so that as a community we can collectively help people to breathe better and live fuller lives.

Upcoming Webinars

June 16, 2021   |   7:00pm EDT

Managing Your Child's Asthma, Allergies, and Eczema

Dr. Douglas Mack
Dr. Mariam Hanna

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Webinar Archive

Preparing for a Telemedicine Session

Speaker: Dr. Josianne Hamel

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Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity & Online Interventions

Speaker: Lauren Tracey, M.Sc., R.Kin., M.D.,C.M. Candidate

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Facilitating Airway Clearance in COPD Patients with COVID-19

Speaker: Isabelle LeClerc, RN


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Asthma Management - Tools & Tips for Virtual Patient Consultations

Speakers: Dr. Mariam Hanna and Dr. Douglas Mack


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The Ins and Outs of Inhaler Devices: Essential Knowledge for Clinical Practice in a COVID World

Speaker: Dr. Omar Usmani

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Effective Management of Your COPD Patients in COVID Times

Speaker: Dr. Alan Kaplan

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Bronchiectasis – How Key is the Role of Airway Clearance?

Professor James Chalmers
Pamela Vaughn
Paul McCallion

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The Personalised Approach to Inhaled Medicine

Professor Anna Murphy

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Préparer pour une session de télémédecine

Conférencier: Dr. Josianne Hamel

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Vaincre les barrières à l'activité physique et des interventions en ligne

Conférencier: Lauren Tracey, M.Sc., R.Kin., M.D.,C.M. Candidate

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Dégagement des voies respiratoires pour les patients atteints d'une MPOC durant la COVID-19

Conférencier: Isabelle LeClerc, RN

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Loi 31 et gestion de l’asthme en pharmacie : cas pratiques

Conférencier: Simon Lessard, Pharm.D., MBA, CRE, CTE

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