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TruZone* Peak Flow Meter: FAQ


What is a Peak Flow Meter?
A Peak Flow Meter is a tool you can use to check how your lungs are doing – to help determine whether you should take your medication or perhaps call your doctor. Just as a thermometer can measure body temperature and give you an indication of a fever, a TruZone* peak flow meter measures Peak Expiratory Flow – the fastest speed you can force air from your lungs after taking a deep breath which is a measurement of your lung health. Peak Expiratory Flow readings are higher when you are well and lower when airways are constricted.


Why use a TruZone* Peak Flow Meter?
Many people underestimate the severity of their asthma. Some may even accept daily symptoms as a ‘normal’ part of asthma. The fact is that daily symptoms are not normal, and can be potentially life threatening.


Who Should Use a TruZone* Peak Flow Meter?
Anyone 5 and older with asthma could benefit from using a TruZone* peak flow meter, as the daily readings can help you and your healthcare professional understand how well your asthma program is working. Your doctor may even make changes to your medications and therapy program based on your peak flow readings, as it may identify changes, trends or patterns in your respiratory symptoms.

Peak flow meters can be helpful for:

  • People who have trouble sensing the onset of symptoms.

  • Parents who want to monitor the lung health of their children.

  • Anyone who is newly diagnosed with asthma.



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