RDD 2020 - E-Poster Presentation

The 2019 Global Strategy for Asthma Management and Prevention (GINA) report identified that the majority of patients are not able to use their inhalers (all types) correctly, and most people with incorrect technique are unaware of the negative effects this can have on the efficacy of drug delivery [1].

VHCs have been shown to improve asthma control [2] and are widely prescribed for use with pMDIs to retain the aerosol emitted upon inhaler actuation, remove the need for perfect coordination of inhalation and pMDI actuation, and remove the large droplet/particle size component of the aerosol [3]. However, their size and appearance as medical devices can lead to infrequent use outside of the home [4].

This article describes the generative, patient-centered, design process used in the development of a prototype VHC intended primarily for use ‘on the go’ by adults with persistent asthma or newly diagnosed COPD.


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