Better Breathing Spaces

juillet 26, 2018

Best Breathing Spaces During Hot Summer Months

While the hot summer months may affect the everyday management of your lung health, it doesn’t have to keep you from living your fullest life. Here are a few tips to help you find the breathing spaces you need this summer. Just because it may be harder to be outside, doesn’t mean you have to stay locked inside your own home!

Hit The Gym

Your local gym is one of the easiest places to exercise during the hot summer months. Treadmills and stationary bikes don’t quite have the same feel as the great outdoors, but your lungs will thank you for the respite you’ve given them!

Looking for something a little lower impact? Many gyms have added yoga and mindfulness classes to their offerings: both of which offer excellent environments to settle into better breathing spaces.

Join an Indoor Recreation League

While the gym tends to be a solo act, many communities have recreational leagues for all ages and abilities offering a host of indoor activities from sports to crafts to book clubs. If you’re not sure where to look first: try contacting your local YMCA to see what they’re offering.

Catch a Flick

Forget about binge-watching Netflix on the couch all-day: getting out to the movies is a great alternative breathing space for those days when the temperature starts to climb. Find a theatre in a mall and you can take full-advantage of the space with a few laps before and after the film!

Step Inside

Indoor walking tracks—which are great spaces to stretch your legs and let your mind wander without the breathing difficulties brought on by allergy season—are increasingly popping up in our cities and towns. If you don’t know of one nearby already, jump on the internet and see if there might be one closer than you thought!

Check your medication and technique

Better breathing spaces go hand-in-hand with taking your puffer (inhaler) medication properly, so it’s worth talking to a doctor to ensure your technique is effective and medication is current. Recent studies have shown that using a chamber with your puffer (inhaler) may help with asthma control.