mai 30, 2018

VIDEO: Abilex* Device Success Story

For people recovering from an acquired or traumatic brain injury, swallowing rehabilitation can be especially challenging because they may experience a period of post-traumatic amnesia. This can limit their ability to form new memories, making it difficult to learn the swallowing exercises that may help them eat again.

For Michele Fyfe and her care team at the Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program at St. Joseph’s Health Care, they needed something that could help Michele with the oral exercises intended to help her learn to safely swallow. Michele acquired dysphagia (swallowing difficulty) after a serious heart attack and stroke deprived her brain of oxygen and resulted in an anoxic brain injury. With the support of her Speech Language Pathologist care team, Abilex™ oral motor exerciser was successfully used as part of her therapy treatment to get her swallowing again.

VIDEO: Learn more about Michele's story