novembre 24, 2017

Assessment of Potential Mouth / Throat Deposition and Lung Delivery of Suspension- and Solution-Formulated Inhaled Corticosteroid Formulations Delivered by Pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler without and with Valved Holding Chamber Using an Anatomic Adult Up

Presented at DDL 2017 in Edinburgh

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  • Valved holding chambers are widely prescribed to assist patients receiving inhaled medications by avoiding losses caused by imperfect coordination of inhalation and actuation and also to reduce oropharyngeal deposition.
  • Oropharyngeal deposition is particularly important in inhaled corticosteroids, which have been associated with severe oral candidiasis
  • Laboratory study assessed how the addition of a valved holding chamber might affect deposition of metered dose inhaler medication for both suspension (Flovent) and solution (Qvar) formulations
  • This study investigated whether the use of valved holding chambers was still beneficial for the ultrafine solution formulations.
  • Regardless of whether using a solution based formulation (like Qvar) or a suspension formulation (Flovent), the use of a valved holding chamber reduced the amount of medication deposited in the mouth (oropharynx) and increased the potential for lung delivery
  • This study can be used to help demonstrate the value of using a valved holding chamber for both solution and suspension formulated metered dose inhalers and for all patient populations, including adults


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