We're better together.

We're better together.

Become a Trudell Medical International Distributor

An impressive roster of first-to-market products is perhaps the strongest testament to our enduring commitment to product innovation.

From the industry’s first-ever compact valved holding chamber and valved holding chamber designed for children, the first breath-actuated small volume nebulizer and clinically supported OPEP device these and other Trudell “firsts” play a fundamental role in enhancing therapeutic treatment outcomes for asthma and COPD patients.



Align Your Business With Industry-Leading Respiratory Devices

First introduced in 1983, the AeroChamber* Valved Holding Chamber changed the face of aerosol drug delivery by helping patients with poor coordination to achieve optimum drug delivery from metered dose inhalers. The AeroChamber* brand of Valved Holding Chambers is the world-leader in pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler delivery devices.

Global Brand Recognition Delivers Credibility

Our best-in-class respiratory management products have been marketed in over 100 countries worldwide, with their efficacy supported by over 300 peer-reviewed publications from various medical journals. As a Trudell Medical International distribution partner, you can leverage our industry-leading brands and take advantage of this opportunity in your market.

Product Development Grounded in the Principles of Science

Aerosol science is fundamental to the product development process at Trudell Medical International, so much so that our corporate headquarters is home to an industry-leading aerosol research laboratory. It is here that each of our devices undergo rigorous design testing and verification before launch. In addition, we employ a robust technical services group that provides rigorous testing and competitive comparisons to ensure our devices remain state-of-the-art; reasons to feel confident about the superior quality of the products you distribute on our behalf.

New Products in Your Sales Pipeline

Given today’s ever-increasing competitive environment, being the first to bring your customers high-performance, innovative products can give you a substantial leg up on your competition. As a Trudell Medical International distribution partner, you will market evolutionary and significant respiratory management products.

Faster Time-to-Market with TMI Created Sales Tools

As one of our distribution partners, you will have access to a host of marketing materials that you can customize with your contact information and special promotions. We offer marketing support you can depend on to articulate the benefits of our devices – to outpace the competition.

Building Global Market Awareness for TMI Product Brands

By driving product demand to your geographic area, we can ultimately help you move your sales process along. To this end, we continue to pursue marketing opportunities that elevate Trudell Medical International products to the forefront, whether it is an exhibitor opportunity at an industry conference, an advertising campaign in a targeted medical journal, or the launch of a web site to introduce a new product.

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