August 17, 2018

A Perfect Storm for Asthma

The first day of school is less than a month away! This can be a busy and exciting time for you and your children. However, if your child suffers from asthma it is also a good time to take steps to protect them from the “September Spike” - a time that coincides with the return to school where a mix of cold viruses and interrupted asthma management schedules create a perfect storm and cause a dramatic increase in asthma-related emergency room visits. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you are prepared:

  • Have an up-to-date Asthma Action Plan
  • Ensure all medications and prescriptions are up-to-date
  • If your child uses a valved holding chamber, ensure they are using the correct one for their age / ability and that it is replaced every 12 months
  • Make your child aware of possible asthma triggers and steps they can take to avoid them
  • Practice proper hand-washing to avoid the spread of cold viruses
  • Communicate with your child’s school or daycare to make sure they are well versed in your child’s Asthma Action Plan, asthma triggers and asthma medications




Source: http://www.on.lung.ca/document.doc?id=595